Harvey (formally known as Wallbanger)

Harvey was our first rescue in Houston.

We were driving to meet other boats at a fire station in East Houston. Harvey was running up to every car to see if they would let him in, and out of the foot deep water he was trying to wade through.  We opened up the truck door and dragged him in. He went everywhere with us that day but eventually we had to leave for boat rescues so we left him in the care of a friend.

Scary Shelter

Our friend agreed to keep an eye on Harvey, as well as everybody’s trucks. While we were out, an animal rescue group came around and she let them take Harvey, so he could find his home or be adopted, because she knew we couldn’t handle another dog.

Harvey’s Happy Ending!

Cody couldn’t stop thinking about Harvey after we got home to Dallas. So he poured through the internet searching lost/found pet pages for several days. Miraculously Cody found him!  With the number of displaced dogs during the hurricane this was the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack. Cody drove all the way back to Houston to adopt him and bring him back to his furever home!  He will live out his days warm and dry, in his comfy home, with his loving daddy and siblings.